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RF Signal Acquisition,Detection and Processing

RadioProcessor- The general purpose, broadband,RF excitation and data acquisition system. It can serve as a complete system console for NMR or NQR. This unique digital system is available in both USB and PCI form factors, providing users with a compelling price/size/performance proposition unmatched by any other device.

  • Description and Feature
  • Specification

    RadioProcessor -Complete RF Acquisition and Excitation System with Digital Detection, Real-Time Signal Processing and Signal Averaging

    ◇ RadioProcessorPCI.  

    ◇ RadioProcessorUSB

    Other option:

    ◇ iSpin-Mini - includes RadioProcessorUSB and power supply in single-bay enclosure (see iSpin-NMR manual for more information).

    ◇ iSpin-NMR - complete mobile NMR system.

    ◇ RadioProcessorUSB Power Supply

    ◇  Integrates excitation and acquisition components onto a single PCI card.

    ◇  Directly captures and digitally demodulates IF/RF signals using quadrature detection. The desired baseband bandwidth is user definable through software.

    ◇  Generates completely formed RF excitation pulses as well as high resolution digital control signals.

    ◇  Supports 2 analog I/O channels and 4 digital output channels.

    ◇  Select models have Arbitrary Waveform Generation (AWG or 'shaped pulse') capability.

    ◇  Maintains signal coherence between excitation and acquisition systems at all frequencies.

    ◇  Autonomously signal-averages the baseband data between multiple acquisitions.

    ◇  Samples the input signal at up to 75 Ms/s with 14-bit resolution.

    ◇  Captures input signals above the Nyquist frequency, up to approximately 100 MHz.

    ◇  With signal detection enabled, provides up to 10 MHz bandwidth of baseband data.

    ◇  Direct Digital Synthesis generates RF output pulses with 14-bit resolution up to 300 Ms/s clock frequency.

    ◇  Standard clock stability of 100 ppm, with optional oven-controlled clock oscillator (OCXO) of 200 ppb.

    ◇  Pulse setting resolution up to 13.3 ns, pulses from 66.6 ns to days per interval.

    ◇  Zero-latency phase and frequency switching.

    ◇  Wide-bandwidth input amplifier and A/D converter allow for undersampling applications.