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Pressure Measurement-Hydrophones

We offer a full range of hydrophones(Needle,Membrane,Fibre-optic and Piston)for the measurement of pressure in ultrasound fields. Our devices are used to measure the acoustics parameters required to meet the latest regulatory requirements needed for IEC62127-1, NEMA UD2 or FDA 510(k) submissions.

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    Our high-performance Needle Hydrophone System consists of a range of interchangeable PVdF needle hydrophone probes, a submersible wide-band amplifier and a DC coupler.The needle probes are available in a range of diameters from 0.04mm to 4mm, with film thickness ranging from 9 µm to 28 µm. Custom versions of hydrophones are available, such as right angle or side facing versions. Please contact us to discuss any special requirements you have.The submersible preamplifier and DC coupler are required for all systems.

    Precision Acoustics’ manufactures high quality co-planar Membrane Hydrophones which have been developed to satisfy the stringent requirements of MHz ultrasound measurements.The Differential Membrane Hydrophone model is suited to the most demanding, wide bandwidth measurements situations but requires water with very low conductivity.The differential input preamplifier is embedded in the hydrophone ring, and the electrode pattern on the membrane has been re-designed to ensure an asymmetrical electrode area. The result is an improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio to allow membrane hydrophones based on 9 µm to measure harmonic components in excess of 120 MHzThe UT model of Membrane Hydrophone is the product of choice for broad bandwidth measurements where water quality cannot be guaranteed.They can be used on its own or in conjunction with Precision Acoustics’ Signal Amplifier to reduce noise and add a limited amount of gain over a wide bandwidth. For additional gain the membrane hydrophone can also be used with the Hydrophone Booster Amplifier to add 28dB of gain.

    The fibre optic hydrophone is the latest addition to our hydrophone range. Despite its 10um active diameter the sensitivity is similar to larger element needle hydrophones. This, coupled with, its immunity from electro-magnetic radiation makes it particularly suited for high frequency measurements in hostile fields.The system can be used in high intensity fields where needle or membrane hydrophones may experience serious damage. Replacement fibres are readily available and inexpensive.The hydrophone can be used to measure temperature and pressure, at the same time, and at the same point in the field. This enables a direct correlation to be made between pressure and thermal change.Two version of the fibre-optic hydrophone sensors are available, a plane tipped sensor for optimal sensitivity (but which has less uniform frequency response) and a tapered tipped sensor for optimal frequency response (but which has a slightly lower sensitivity).

    Underwater,sonar Piston Hydrophone-The ML4X50 is a circular plane piston, immersion hydrophone for measurements in the frequency range 100kHz to 1MHz. Comprising a four-layer laminate of 50 micron PVdF, the ML4X50 provides flat, broadband sensitivity and directivity patterns that display exceptional correlation with circular plane piston theoretical modelling.